Fun - For all the funs and giggles
Name Arguments Description Examples
cat Cats! All the cats! UwU /cat
dog Random doggos are the best doggos! /dog
hangman Start a game of hangman in given language (english by default) /hangman start -> starts a game/hangman stop -> ends current game
joke Sends a random joke to the channel /joke
reddit <subreddit> Returns a random post from a given subreddit /reddit funny
texttospeech <text> Speechify a text to your voice channel /texttospeech I love you!
quiz (amount) Play a game of trivia quiz! /quiz -> Starts game with 5 questions/quiz 8 -> Starts game with 8 question
fact Get a random fact! /fact
Management - Manage your server and many settings and features around it
Name Arguments Description Examples
autorole Automatically assign role to new server members /autorole set @Newbie
invite Send a bot invite link to current channel /invite
permissions Disable certain modules for either everyone or specified roles /permissions disable Music -> Disables the music module for everyone/permissions enable Misc RoleName -> Enables 'Misc' module for the specified role
settings Change settings for some extra functionalities /settings
slash Send a link to activate Slash command support /slash
twitch Manage twitch live notifications on a server /twitch
tag Add/edit/delete/display custom tags /tag show memes -> outputs the text for 'memes'
vote Retrieve the vote URL /vote
Miscellaneous - Random utilities that might be helpful
Name Arguments Description Examples
help (input) Get help for how the bot works /help
math <expression> Evaluate a given math expression /math 6 * 8
mcname <name> Get minecraft username history of a given user /mcname Notch
reminder Setup or clear personal reminders /reminder clear -> removes current reminder/reminder set 1h make lunch -> creates reminder that triggers after an hour
report <text> Report feedback or bugs /report Nice bot, awesome job!
server Retrieve server information /server
translate Translates a given text into a specified language /translate to en Ich mag Kuchen -> Translates phrase into english
user (user) Retrieve user information /user -> Retrieve data about yourself/user @Blabla -> Get info about user Blabla
weather <place> Get the weather for a given place /weather Cologne
Moderation - Moderate your server with some commands
Name Arguments Description Examples
prune <amount> (member) Delete a given amount of messages in current channel /prune 30 -> Deletes the last 30 messages/prune 20 @Blabla -> deletes Blabla's last 20 messages
kick <member> (reason) Kick a mentioned user from the server /kick @Blabla Swearing
ban <member> (reason) Ban a mentioned user from the server /ban @Blabla Racistic slur
mute <member> (Un)mute someone's voice in a server /mute @Blabla
Music - Make use of and configure the bot's music player
Name Arguments Description Examples
musicplayer Get a link for the music player UI /musicplayer
nowplaying Get information about the current song /nowplaying
pause Pauses or unpauses the player /pause
play <query> Starts playing a song or adds one to the queue /play Never gonna give you up/play
playlist <query> Adds a playlist to the queue /playlist Rick Astley greatest hits
queue Gets the whole queue in a server /queue
replay Enable/disable replay of currently playing song. /replay
remove <index> Removes a given index from queue /remove 1
shuffle Shuffle the queue /shuffle
skip Skip the current playing song /skip
soundcloud <url> Adds a soundcloud song to the queue /soundcloud
spotify All things Spotify! /spotify
stop Stops the bot from playing more music /stop
volume <amount> Sets the players' volume /volume 20
bassboost (De)Activate bass boost. Use with caution! /bassboost
jump <time> Jump to a specific time in a song. /jump 120/jump 1m40s
Sounds - Commands related to the bot's built-in soundboard
Name Arguments Description Examples
soundboard Get a personal link for the soundboard UI /soundboard
playfile <url> Play a sound file from URL in your voice channel. /playfile